Graduation – Kanye West

I’m growing a moustache to raise money for the Movember Foundation. So this month I will be honouring some of the best moustaches in music. You can donate to my mo here:

So much crap has been written by and about Kanye that it can be a little hard to remember why anyone should care. This album and the two before it are the answer. The man is a talent. This is a throwback to a classic 2007 album. Champion. The Glory. Flashing Lights. Homecoming. If these tracks don’t deposit you firmly in your happy late noughties happy place then there’s something wrong with you.

P.S. I know he’s really a goatee man, but Christ have you ever tried to find 30 artists with moustaches. Genuinely difficult. Can’t wait for December – got some great new music for y’all

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