Super Bar Konon Mousso (K&F Edit) – Amadou Balaké

If you’ve had the good fortune to see a Krywald & Farrer set you’ll know what they are all about. As Percolate front-men Jack Farrer and Edward Krywald-Sanders have had it pretty good over the last few years, and it’s not hard to see why when they release re-rubs of this quality. Souped up afro-goodness. Upbeat, funky, disco-laced good times.

And here is the original by Burkina Faso’s own Amadou Balaké.

Orange Tree Edits

Is it January? Is it? Really? Get this hour long mix of divine afro magic down your earholes and transport yourself the hell outta here.* It is mixed by Orange Tree Edits label boss Jimmy Rouge, so if you like I highly recommend checking out their Soundcloud page.

* I’m doing okay, honestly.

Koyma Hondo – Boncana Maïga


Likelihood is that a few of you might be feeling a little blue right about now, so, in the spirit of getting through January, check out this fella from Mali, Boncana Maïga, who’s been a big deal in the latin-soul scene for c. 40 years.  This EP is more on the afro-funk end of things, so, stick it on and bounce your way through the opening salvos of 2019.  Weirdly the final track, Petroci, was written as the soundtrack for an oil company of the same name from the Ivory Coast.  We hate oil companies, but, boy do we love afro-funk eh.




Too Much Information (Laolu Edit) – Dele Sosimi Afrobeat Orchestra

It’s no longer November! The freedom! The joy! Here’s some Afro house from 2002 to heat up your Winter.

Like what you hear? Well crank up the thermostat and get your teeth into this playlist of like-minded tunes

And The Beat Goes On – The Whispers

I’m growing a moustache to raise money for the Movember Foundation. So this month I will be honouring some of the best moustaches in music. You can donate to my mo here:

Hey there disco fans! This is a 1979 classic from the vaults. Slinky, feel-good straight out of Cali. Turn up the central heating, close your eyes and imagine it’s Summer.

THIS IS THE FINAL POST IN NOVEMBER. I’VE MADE IT!!! And what ‘tashes to end on – massive props to the moustache game going on with these guys. Get ready to enjoy a tonne of new music from tomorrow.

Bonus track: recognise those chords? Yeah, it’s from here