Dance of the Shaman (Man Power Remix) – Darius Syrossian

It’s my birthday week and I’m having a couple of celebrations. Friday I’m headed to the Choose Love x Dance For Refuge Easter Fundraiser in aid of Help Refugees at Mick’s Garage. Come with me and see Ben Gomori (obv) and headlining, Man Power.

Here is a remix by the Man himself. It’s a brooding house journey with some latin infused pianos and a large touch of the Nuits Sonores about it. And that can only be a good thing.

If you want to find out more about Man Power, his bio is pretty jokes, find it here. Also on the line-up: Brassica, Iona and MLE. It’s gonna be a party.

The BDP Tape Vol.1 – Harrison BDP

Look, what more can I say about this guy. Harrison BDP, the master of the organic-infused bassy roller, has put another EP out and it’s top.

Okay, so I will say this: imagine you are an octopus. Imagine you are going to a little underwater cave party. And because you are underwater, you don’t just hear the music, you feel the music. And because you are an octopus you have 8 limbs, and each limb is covered with sensitive little suckers, you really feel the music. Well, if you’re that octopus, the track you want to hear/feel is Missed the Boat. Proper thudding undersea tune that.

More Harrison BDP here.

We’ve Got To Try – Chemical Brothers

Sports and music have a long and mixed relationship. For every iconic theme tune (Grandstand, MOTD, Champions League) and huge tournament track (hey there Waka Waka, Three Lions, World in Motion) you get an utter lemon (looking at you Ant & Dec). But with sports properties constantly seeking to attract new and younger audiences, reaching them through music is always going to be an attractive option.

Which brings me to this – F1, meet the Chemical Brothers

Will core F1 fans like it? For the most part, probably no. Will fans of the Chemical Brothers like it? They’ve done a pretty good job of weaving F1 content into an authentically Chemical Brothers feel – so yeah. But these two questions kind of miss the point. Through this collaboration, F1 will get their IP in front of a few million young(ish), potential new fans, and create a positive association. That type of positive brand equity is exactly what they’re trying to build, and where the impact will be most felt. Which is great (as long as you don’t pay too much attention to the ‘World’s Fastest Remix‘…)

Bonus track: so I’m big into the Chemical Brothers and I’m pretty psyched about the new album No Geography which drops April 12th . Until then, here’s a previous post and a tasty remix by Riton.

Open Your Head EP – Jackson Almond

Jackson Almond describes himself as a Northerner. He releases his tracks on WotNot Music. The rest you’ll have to do yourself.

Anyway, Open Your Head is a tasty EP. Smooth house with some obvious afro influences. My two picks are Common (Dauwd-y fare with some crashing piano drops and tasty Romare-y samples) and Ee Ye.

Bonus track: for you, my loyal reader, you get another taste – on this number Frits Wentink meets Laurence Guy. Not a bad matching if you ask me

The Hype – Cookie Jar


There’s nothing like a split-second silence to focus the mind. A crushing, perfectly placed blank is a technique common to classical composers, yet woefully under-used in electronic music. Having recently gone ‘agile’ at work, I’m not disciplined enough to keep my nose out of other people’s business. It’s fun but not productive. At all. This tune has been on repeat as deadlines loom and it’s proving pretty effective.

Amy Richards, EDM expert