New Shit Has Come to Light – Lovebirds

A cheeky little 3-tracker from Lovebirds. If I had to sum it up in three words I would say: happy dancefloor grooves.

But I don’t have to sum it up in three words. I have as many as I want. It’s my blog. Here are some more words.

It kicks off with Glove, a pleasing little house number with the kind of bassline that sort of went out of fashion in 2012, kicking in around 3 minutes in. Next we have Da Sixty – smooth where Glove is funk, but still with the time to incorporate a little Hugh Masakela sample. I don’t hate it. Finally, the stand-out track is Disco Train – as you would expect from the title it lifts heavily from Kiki Gyan’s song of the same name, but gives it a little bassy re-rub.

Not an EP that is ever going to blow your mind, but its nice, its tidy and it’ll give you some nice toe-tapping moments.

Bonus track: I’ve had to go to Youtube to find a full-length version of this beauty from 2011. Lovebirds’ all time #1 smasher, Want You in My Soul.

Stand On the Word (Larry Levan Mix) – The Joubert Singers

This track has a confusing history; “Originally recorded in 1982 for a gospel album by the Celestial Choir, this was later remixed in 1985 by Tony Humphries, re-credited to The Joubert Singers. However, its more recent cult status was the result of a supposed Larry Levan remix, subsequently discredited, that appeared on a bootleg 12” in 2003.”

What is not confusing, is that it is a top quality hooky banger.

Credit for the the info goes to Dummy Mag and Greg Wilson. Link here. Or another pick of mine from that article, here.

Everyman (Late Nite Tuff Guy Remix) – Double Exposure

Here’s one for you. It’s a late night thudding disco special coming at you from Late Nite Tuff Guy. Is anyone better at taking classics and beefing them up for the dancefloor?

For the traditionalists amongst you, here is the original from 1976. Peak disco.

And if you thought you recognised the sample from somewhere , you did. It’s a classic from 2001 by The Girl Next Door.

Shout out to Dummy Mag and Greg Wilson for reminding me of this one. Link here.

Supermodel (You Better Work) – RuPaul

There’s a lot being said about the UK’s drag scene these days and a lot of it seems to be coming back to the opinions of RuPaul. I don’t know if I’m super late to this or what –  I thought that RuPaul was a scenester / TV personality – it seems he is a lot more than that. Exhibit #1 this track from 1993. It’s a camp, glittery, disco anthem.

Wondering which dance move to trot out? Check out this video from Peach’s Boiler Room Manchester set. She’s launched all the levels. Skip to 0:45 for a some tip-top vogue-ing action.

And The Beat Goes On – The Whispers

I’m growing a moustache to raise money for the Movember Foundation. So this month I will be honouring some of the best moustaches in music. You can donate to my mo here:

Hey there disco fans! This is a 1979 classic from the vaults. Slinky, feel-good straight out of Cali. Turn up the central heating, close your eyes and imagine it’s Summer.

THIS IS THE FINAL POST IN NOVEMBER. I’VE MADE IT!!! And what ‘tashes to end on – massive props to the moustache game going on with these guys. Get ready to enjoy a tonne of new music from tomorrow.

Bonus track: recognise those chords? Yeah, it’s from here