You know who makes nice music? Edmondson. Late last year he released a new EP on his own label Lissoms. Adapt2 is the highlight: its characteristically crisp, and has an undeniably deep flow to it.

Maybe even better is the We Have Love EP. Both tracks are just dripping in cool – so on point – and there’s even a cheeky Dauwd remix added in there for the bargain.

And doing a bit of back-catalogue digging, I came across one my favourite releases of a few years ago and it still sounds fresh. Props.

Happy House – The Juan Maclean

I don’t know how The Juan Maclean have passed me by. They were brought to me hard on Saturday by Sean Johnston & Andrew Weatherall (together, A Love From Outer Space – more on that later) and since then I’ve been hooked.

The Juan Maclean (by the way, he is actually called John Maclean, which I like) is a Brooklyn-based producer and DJ, and he’s good. Add the super-cool Nancy Whang’s vocals (of LCD Soundsystem fame) and you are onto a 12 minute clubby electro winner. If you like it, check out the album The Future Will Come for more of the same. And if you are lucky enough to live in Brooklyn, go see them live.

So, Saturday. It’s 4am, the music is loud, the energy is flying and this comes on. For those of a darker persuasion. (Not too proud to admit this one is courtesy of Shazam).

DISCWOMAN 55 x Peach

Today’s post is a direct rip from Resident Advisor’s Top 100 mixes of the year article. Lazy much? Anyway, it’s sick, and the description is good, and I thought, ‘why try beat it?’ You can find it here. I’m new to Peach, and I like.

“”I don’t think I’ve been ever very good at the chill thing,” Peach admitted when her Discwoman mix was published in October. No matter: her sets happily exist in a space well outside the chill zone. DISCWOMAN 55 was as bright as it was tough, with dreamy breakbeats, 135 BPM rave, the odd dollar-bin oldie and loads of great new music. This was Peach doing what she does best.”

If you like what you hear, Peach is playing a few dates around the UK over the next couple of months.

Say My Name – Cyril Hahn

It’s 2012. To make a successful dance track:

  1. Take your favourite R&B banger
  2. Pitch down a vocal sample so that it is just about recognisable
  3. Put it up on Youtube with a photo of a sexy lady (I’m looking at you Majestic Casual) and watch the hits roll in

It might be a formula, but the man from Bern Cyril Hahn kind of nails it with this Destiny’s Child remix. Simple, but deep and effective – I can’t help but love this one.