Me & My Heart – Christopher Port

When this first came on I wasn’t so excited. The intro feels a bit disjointed – over-tricksy, over-sampled. Too Future Classic-y.

But after a while the threads begin to come together and what this track really hangs on is the strength of the main sample*. The bass underlines it, and the synths bring out the flavour. Sing it with me, “Me and My Heart, we’ll make it, we’ll make it through”.

* It’s Demi Lovato!

Record Packer

Did you know that the gaming industry is bigger than film and music combined? Crazy huh?

Well Omar S has clearly done his homework, because he has gone and made a game. It’s called Record Packer, and you can play it online, for free, right here. Oh, and the soundtrack is dope, obviously.

Best of 2020

Happy New Year music fans. As ever I’m pumped to bring you a load of new music this year, but before I do, let’s have one final post on the cursed year that was 2020. Here are my most played tracks of the year courtesy of Spotify. You’ll find some new ones, some old ones, some quick ones and some slow ones. Pop it on shuffle and enjoy.

Quick note – as ever there are a couple of albums on here that I’ve rinsed for chilling out. So expect some abrupt vibe changes. You’ve been warned.

Festivals 2021

Merry Christmas readers. My present to you on this festive day is a window into a happier future. Smile.

Future jazz in Cambridgeshire
Not really my jam, but Christ does this look like a party. One to raise the hairs on the back of your neck
This just looks ludicrous
Taking it down a notch. Deep stuff
This one from Gottwood is too spicy for here, but I highly recommend a watch

Escapism is the name of the game today dear readers. And does it just about better than anyone. Just the sexiest, most tanned collection of tracks and videos from a more colourful time.

So grab a towel, slap on the suncream and come poolside to enjoy what sounds like a collection of records collated by an 80s Floridian porn star. The sunniest spot on the internet.

5 Years of Shall Not Fade

As you might have been able to guess it is 5 years since Bristol-based label Shall not Fade entered the scene. To celebrate, their 5th compilation. There is a lot to like packed into the 16 track double-LP (with 5 bonus tracks on the digital version).

My picks are Everything You Need by Module One & Soela, Welcome Aboard by DJ Psychiatre and T Garden by the ever-impressive Lxury.

Gomez – Bring it On

All the way back to the 1998 Mercury Music Prize winner for this Sunday’s listen. Gomez are a 5-piece band hailing from Southport (the North West’s eleventh most populous settlement in the North West for those of you who were wondering). Their music sits somewhere between blues, indie and rock. Anyway, it’s a classic, and if you don’t know, then at least check out tracks #1 and #2. Classics.