Transcendence – Windows

Early Jan might not be the most clubby time for most people, but I couldn’t help but share this one from Windows (formally DJ Windows XP).

The EP opens up with All the Things You Are; I can only describe it as a thumpy monster. But the best part about it is that I’m pretty sure it samples Estelle & Kanye’s American Boy. Inventive, genius, and did I mention thumpy?

Sunset Love is a bit more on the dreamy side and sounds like an early Wayward track. Also highly likable.

Finally Secrets and Long Gone are both nice atmospheric pieces with nice piano and string leads respectively. I suspect they will last a little less long in the memory, but they both stand up well.

Check it out. I’m looking forward to seeing what he comes up with next.

Best of 2021

Happy New Year HME crew. I’m looking forward to what 2022 has to offer, but before then, one final post on 2021.

I’ve started to form a bit of a theory: are personalised end of year wrap-ups a bit like dreams? Everyone finds their own fascinating and everyone else’s immensely boring…

Anyway… here are my most played tracks of the year courtesy of Spotify and Soundcloud.

Soundcloud here

Rosewood – Bonobo

It has been a beat since I’ve posted about Bonobo. The guy is my most listened to artist of the year, again, again, so it only feels right. Top 1% of listeners baby.

Anyway he has 4 new tracks out ahead of the release his upcoming album Fragments, including collaborations with O’Flynn, Jamila Woods and Jordan Rakei. My pick of the bunch is Rosewood. Bonobo delivering a trademark Bonobo track. Doing what he does best. Touch.

Bonus: all 4 tracks are on this playlist if you want to check out the others. And let’s face it, why wouldn’t you?

There are tickets on sale to 4 dates he has at the Royal Albert Hall. Definitely worth a look.

The Distance – Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs

If you’d asked me back in 2012 who my favourite artist was, there’s a good chance I would have said Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs. Trouble was released that year – to date it remains TEED’s only full length album, and it would be tempting to say that Orlando’s production output hasn’t lived up to its promise. There have been some sparks, not least collaborations with Bonobo, Tinashé and Amtrac, but I’ve been thirsting for some new solo work that hits the heights of that album.

And, here we have it.

It’s a high quality EP. My pick is Into the Light.

Bonus album: Trouble. Where it all began. I’ve don’t know why I’ve never written a gushing post about it before. Here it is in all it’s glory.

Signals – Marconi Union

Marconi Union will probably forever be known as the guys that produced the album that was found to create a 65% reduction in anxiety, and a 35% reduction in physiological resting rates, aka the most relaxing album ever.

Given that reputation, I was surprised to find that I was not just enjoying, but really getting into their latest release, Signals.

The style is closer to modern jazz than ambient. Driven by rhythm (and not the subs that you would normally expect) it almost feels like the kind of release you would expect on Gondwana. Despite its moody energy, the album is also great for relaxation.

Bonus album: here is Weightless, the album I described up top. I challenge you to put this on and not fall asleep.