Best of 2022

A very Happy New Year to you all. Thanks again for checking out the blog, and sending feedback, ideas, and love.

Before we get to 2023, here’s one final post on 2022.

Here are my most played tracks of the year courtesy of Spotify. Some gems in there. Heavily featured artists include Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, Bonobo and Hand Habits.

And finally, here is a link to my top 50 on Soundcloud. Knock yourself out.

Best of 2021

Happy New Year HME crew. I’m looking forward to what 2022 has to offer, but before then, one final post on 2021.

I’ve started to form a bit of a theory: are personalised end of year wrap-ups a bit like dreams? Everyone finds their own fascinating and everyone else’s immensely boring…

Anyway… here are my most played tracks of the year courtesy of Spotify and Soundcloud.

Soundcloud here

Best of ’91

1991, not a bad year for music it turns out. Here we are 30 years on and there are quite a few tracks that stand up pretty well.

This playlist gives you 5 hours of the biggest hits from the year. As you’d expect it is pretty damn eclectic. By my count it roughly goes: Folk – Rock – Shoegaze – Alternative – Hip Hop – Rap – RnB – Dance – Techno – Club – Trance – Pop – and then winds up with some ballads. Enjoy

Some credit goes to this BBC article on the best 19 albums from 1991 as well.

Note for the nerds: tracks qualify they were released as a single or on an album that year.

Let me know if I’ve missed any big’uns.

Something Good ’08 – Utah Saints

Sometimes a bit of club trash can do us all good. Utah Saints’ ’08 cut of Something Good is just that. The video even comes replete with a busty slow motion dancer. It’s no Destination Calabria, Call On Me or Infinity 2008 but it’s not far off.

If mid-noughties club hits are your thing then I have just the playlist for you

And finally, Utah Saints were known for taking samples out of tracks that had no business being on the dancefloor. Something Good is no different. Skip to 1:03 to for the original.

In the Sun – Jesse Bru

This is Jesse Bru doing something very simple, very well.

A drifty piano chord, a little vocal sample, a little horn, a skitty little drum line and a little bass. That’s all it takes to create some blissful, sun-drenched good vibes.

Just look at the happy little fella!

You can find more of my favourite Jesse here, or if piano house is your thang, then I’ve got whole playlist sorted for you. You can thank me later.

Best of 2020

Happy New Year music fans. As ever I’m pumped to bring you a load of new music this year, but before I do, let’s have one final post on the cursed year that was 2020. Here are my most played tracks of the year courtesy of Spotify. You’ll find some new ones, some old ones, some quick ones and some slow ones. Pop it on shuffle and enjoy.

Quick note – as ever there are a couple of albums on here that I’ve rinsed for chilling out. So expect some abrupt vibe changes. You’ve been warned.

Escapism is the name of the game today dear readers. And does it just about better than anyone. Just the sexiest, most tanned collection of tracks and videos from a more colourful time.

So grab a towel, slap on the suncream and come poolside to enjoy what sounds like a collection of records collated by an 80s Floridian porn star. The sunniest spot on the internet.

Superego – Harvey Sutherland

Harvey Sutherland makes music like a man who lives in perma-Summer. It must be the Aussie in him. Anyway, a couple of months ago he foretold our weather by releasing a typically upbeat funky single, Superego. It’ll tick a lot of boxes.

Bonus track: Superego is nice, but nothing on his classics. Know this one?

Bonus playlist: if you like your tracks house-y and and your instruments piano-y then I have the perfect playlist for you. Bloody hell I want to go out.