Time Spent Away From U – DJ Seinfeld

Remember how I posted an EP by Rimbaudian last week? Well this album, Time Spent Away From U is by the same guy, different name. It’s his first full-length album and it’s one of my favourites from last year. Like, it’s real good. It’s all about that dusty, lo-fi house scene, like you’ve downloaded a crappy version off Limewire. Trust me, it’s nice. My pick, How U Make Me Feel, an acid beauty.


It would be wrong of me to do too many posts without posting about my genre of the moment, acid house. Get into it with a playlist I created here. My highlight is Secrets & Lies by Fort Romeau – featuring a haunting sample and really nice depth.

I’ll keep it updated with new acid tracks I come across, so give it a follow.

As a bonus, here is Emo, the track from 2016 that got things going for me. It’s not available on Spotify due to an apparent dispute about the original track name (Emotinium) between the artist Roy of the Ravers, and Ceephax Acid Crew