You know how every once in a while you come across a track that is just so good, so perfect in that moment, that you have it on repeat for as long as it takes for it to feel like you’ve known it all along? I’ve had that here. This EP is CCFX’s only. They are a combo between two Washington based bands: synth pop duo CC Dust and post-punk group Trans FX. Hence CCFX, y’see. Anyway, The One to Wait is dream-pop at its absolute finest. Goosebumps.

Alfa EP – Alfa Cornae

I’m so in awe of the press release of this white label that I’m just going to post it in full – I mean, it includes Roberto Baggio! (The music is great too btw)

“Mysterious white label release ‘ALFA EP’ coming from new kid on the block ‘Alfa Cornae’

This EP is all Italian, recommended listening: cruising through the Tuscany countryside, riding shotgun in a vintage Alfa. If the above is not at hand, then any local nightclub with a decent sound system will do.
Ok so you climb into your Alfa, a thing of beauty, you rev the engine, it sounds like your ex… in a good way…. This is a serious roadster, we’re not talking Ford Mondao, we’re talking all Italian smooth V8 engine, luxury leather upholstery, the real deal!
You’re on your way to the best party in town, driving down the freeway toward Milan, 120 mph, roof down, a virgin Negroni in the passenger seat, casually smoking on a fat Toscano cigar; you’re on the way to the biggest discotheque this side of the river Po.
Now you’re in a hot tub. You don’t know who’s it is but it has bubbles. You turn to your right; next to you is Roberto Baggio. You take a big drag on your cigar and smile at him, he responds with a cheeky wink. Next thing you know you’re dressed as a goalkeeper and everyone’s dancing. Negronis all round, even for the reserves. Everyone is dishing out high fives; there’s been one too many cigars smoked. Gerd Janson is dressed as a lama and the crowd is loving it.”



Pool Party Music – Mall Grab

Winter’s over. Let’s celebrate with some Pool Party Music.

This two-track release from last year propelled Aussie producer Mall Grab into the house A-list and inspired a load of articles in music mags with the headline “The Unstoppable rise of Mall Grab”. For sure, there’s a load of potential here. Where the title track is jump-up and frenetic, my pick is Catching Feelings which is more is deep and cool. Check it out.

He is touring hard right now. Keep your eyes open and you can literally catch him just about anywhere in 2019.

Without U – Ricky Razu

Today’s track is another weekend-dancefloor-Shazam special. They laid it down at the inaugral Acuña night at Off The Cuff in Herne Hill, and it was class.

It’s nothing complicated; just some straightforward, sun-soaked, piano-laden house by Belgian producer Ricky Razu on Houseum Records. I like it so much I bought the T-shirt (no joke – check out that sweet sweet album artwork).

Bonus track: recognise the sample? Clever you. It’s only Kidnap’s (formerly Kidnap Kid) 2013 release Survive!

Bonus track: Is that the end of the story? No! The sample first appeared in 2008. A little bit of garage-infused house. Tasty.

Strange Roads at Night – Ben Sun

I have to admit I’m a little late to the party on Ben Sun. The UK producer (not to be confused with England prop Ben Moon) has been around for about 10 years, but just popped onto my radar with this beaut of an album.

The highlights are the Salty Tears (sultry piano chords and a floor-filling bassline) and the closing acid-meet-jazz track, Maman’s Lover. Elsewhere, it’s originally sampled and occasionally verging on the Balearic. Very good. Very good indeed.

No Valentine’s Day special here.