Koyma Hondo – Boncana Maïga


Likelihood is that a few of you might be feeling a little blue right about now, so, in the spirit of getting through January, check out this fella from Mali, Boncana Maïga, who’s been a big deal in the latin-soul scene for c. 40 years.  This EP is more on the afro-funk end of things, so, stick it on and bounce your way through the opening salvos of 2019.  Weirdly the final track, Petroci, was written as the soundtrack for an oil company of the same name from the Ivory Coast.  We hate oil companies, but, boy do we love afro-funk eh.




DISCWOMAN 55 x Peach

Today’s post is a direct rip from Resident Advisor’s Top 100 mixes of the year article. Lazy much? Anyway, it’s sick, and the description is good, and I thought, ‘why try beat it?’ You can find it here. I’m new to Peach, and I like.

“”I don’t think I’ve been ever very good at the chill thing,” Peach admitted when her Discwoman mix was published in October. No matter: her sets happily exist in a space well outside the chill zone. DISCWOMAN 55 was as bright as it was tough, with dreamy breakbeats, 135 BPM rave, the odd dollar-bin oldie and loads of great new music. This was Peach doing what she does best.”

If you like what you hear, Peach is playing a few dates around the UK over the next couple of months.


Lucky reader, I have 3 of the highest quality house tracks going for you today – all courtesy of KiNK. Strahil Velchev is the face of the Bulgarian electronic music scene. In my mind he is almost uniquely talented in taking massive, experimental steps in his production and yet still making music that is super listenable. No, I want to go further than that – he makes unfamiliar music that reaches out and grabs you, lifts you onto its shoulders and takes you on a wild beautiful ride. That’s what I hear anyway – let me know what you think.

First up Pocket Piano.

And now Dusky’s remix of Perth, followed by a KiNK remix of Jimpster.


This UK duo have popped up from under the radar to be one of my favourite producers of 2018. They’ve released a load of beautifully trance-inducing, goosebump-raising electronica. The music sounds like an embrace. Think of them as a bit like Four Tet’s housier/trancier cousins.

This EP on SilverBear has a whole bunch of gems.

Bonus track: I couldn’t help myself. Orissa is simply stunning. It is named after an Eastern state of India, and uses a beautiful chanting sample. I’ll say it again, stunning.

Photo credit: Nathan Greenwood