Why Do Cowboys Never Die in the East? – Laurence Guy

Laurence Guy’s last release was called Making Music is Bad for Your Self Esteem. Which is kind of sad. It’s also kind of odd. Because I feel like most people that listened to it probably said something along the lines of “Hey, Laurence! Great release!” or something along those lines.

Anyway, he’s back again with a mini EP, playfully titled Why Do Cowboys Never Die In the East? And I think this time maybe he has a point.

Anyway, he delivers 3 beautifully extended ambient tracks – if you have anything inside you that you want to release, this is the EP for you. Characteristically picturesque work that’ll take you on a journey.

More Laurence here.

Bells Creek Road – Jad & The

Today I’ve got some dreamy, floaty numbers coming at you from everyone’s favourite Australian-born, Berlin-based electronic music producer, Jad & The.

It’s a more circumspect, instrument-heavy release than what you would normally expect. And probably because of that, it’s fucking beautiful. His production skills come to the fore as spiralling trumpets and flowing pianos abound. Reminiscent of Rhythm Section or Laurence Guy, which ain’t no bad thing.

Tough to pick a favourite, but Matano Trumpet Jam and Bells Creek Road just about stand out from the crowd. Enjoy.

Fun fact: he used to be called Jad & The Ladyboy: went through a rebrand a dropped the last bit. Probably wise.

Open Your Head EP – Jackson Almond

Jackson Almond describes himself as a Northerner. He releases his tracks on WotNot Music. The rest you’ll have to do yourself.

Anyway, Open Your Head is a tasty EP. Smooth house with some obvious afro influences. My two picks are Common (Dauwd-y fare with some crashing piano drops and tasty Romare-y samples) and Ee Ye.

Bonus track: for you, my loyal reader, you get another taste – on this number Frits Wentink meets Laurence Guy. Not a bad matching if you ask me

Saw You For the First Time – Laurence Guy

What do you get if you throw together the most delicate sections of Leon Vynehall and the playfulness of Harvey Sutherland? Well you get this of course! Laurence Guy’s debut album released last year on Camberwell-based Church Records is a glittery piano-looping genre-transcending gem. There are literally no bad tracks! Enjoy.

He’s playing alongside Session Victim at XOYO this Saturday. Don’t miss out.

Bonus track: Laurence’s break-out single Les Mur, released on Ben Gomori’s Monologue Records back in 2015