Laurence Guy

Laurence Guy always delivers. Two 2020 EPs on Shall Not Fade consisting of 7 tracks for your listening pleasure today.

First up, the wonderfully titled, The Sun is Warm and Directly Above You. My pick is Untitled Needs – it wanders and sprawls, all the while punctuated beautifully by Laurence’s trademark piano chords. Healing and heartwarming. The title track is equally picturesque. What stands out for me is the gentle chatter sample that lives in the background – it gives me the feeling of being surrounded by people I like, having a good time – a feeling that is seemingly tough to create in 2020.

Your Good Times Will Come – how sweet is that? My favourite is The Spirit. It has, you guessed it, stunning piano chords, and also a bass section that resonates and vibrates with warmth and beauty. Also a shout out to Experience Health which somehow manages to create a meditative acid vibe; strings and gurgles combine in a way that I didn’t think was possible.

More of my favourite LG here and here. I’m a bit of a fanboy. Sue me.

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