Thriller – Caribou

This one is hot off the press. Canadian producer Caribou has released a track out of nowhere, and it’s free to download. More upbeat and danceable that his usual fare, I think you will be hearing it a lot in 2019. For extra points, the track samples the original MJ Thriller. Listen and download on this link.

Bonus track album: I’ll never miss an opportunity to post this. Can’t Do Without is 100% likely to get goosebumps going and the rest of the album ain’t bad either.

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Andorra – Caribou

This is one from the archives. One of Caribou’s lesser-known early albums, Andorra. It is a lot more vocal-heavy and low-fi than what he is famous for now, with influences from 60s psychedelia. Even so, you can hear hints of the more housey direction he went in later.

It takes you on a journey through a few genres – its variety and subtlety means its the kind of album you can session again and again. It always brings me back to where I was when I first discovered it. My pick from the album is the final track Niobe. Listen to it last!