Pleasure Moon – Marcus Marr

This guy is. For. Real. He’s probably best known for his work with Chet Faker (aka Nick Murphy), but Marcus is so talented that he can pretty much produce a hit in any genre, and play most of the instruments as well. As if that’s not enough, he’s one of the most respected DJs in the game, playing the top of Berlin’s scene.

Having bigged him up, his releases are actually a bit hit and miss – probably because he plays with so many genres and influences. So what I’ve done is picked two of his darker numbers for you. First up we have Pleasure Moon – a rolling, percussive, sexy trip through the night.

And second it’s Gerd Janson’s take on High Times. It comes firing straight out of the blocks; it’ll grab you by the scruff of the neck and not let go for another 7 minutes. So I hope you like!

Fuse – Hudson Mohawke

I’m taking it back to 2009 (HudMo was just 23 at the time).

And you have just never heard a track like Fuse before. Butter, the album its taken from, is a pretty fidgety affair – quite hard to listen to – but boy does Fuse go off. Chuck it on next time you go to a magical elvish party to dance with some nymphs at dawn.

P.S. I only just noticed that on the cover the hawks have mohawks. Very clever. Perhaps.

I <3 U SO – Cassius

A little late to this one, but a couple of months after the death of Keith Flint, the world of dance music mourns another loss – Philippe Zdar of Cassius. In what appears to be a tragic accident, Philippe fell from a window to his death at the age of 52.

Here is the release that means the most to me. I ❤ U SO. It includes a hefty dubstep-and-breaks inspired remix from Skream – you’ll know it.

Bonus track: I can’t find for sure if there is any link between this track and the man, but it’s a banger from Digitalism that I hope might be a tribute to the impact Philippe has on the French electronic music scene over the course of the last couple of decades.

Stand On the Word (Larry Levan Mix) – The Joubert Singers

This track has a confusing history; “Originally recorded in 1982 for a gospel album by the Celestial Choir, this was later remixed in 1985 by Tony Humphries, re-credited to The Joubert Singers. However, its more recent cult status was the result of a supposed Larry Levan remix, subsequently discredited, that appeared on a bootleg 12” in 2003.”

What is not confusing, is that it is a top quality hooky banger.

Credit for the the info goes to Dummy Mag and Greg Wilson. Link here. Or another pick of mine from that article, here.

Everyman (Late Nite Tuff Guy Remix) – Double Exposure

Here’s one for you. It’s a late night thudding disco special coming at you from Late Nite Tuff Guy. Is anyone better at taking classics and beefing them up for the dancefloor?

For the traditionalists amongst you, here is the original from 1976. Peak disco.

And if you thought you recognised the sample from somewhere , you did. It’s a classic from 2001 by The Girl Next Door.

Shout out to Dummy Mag and Greg Wilson for reminding me of this one. Link here.