Supermodel (You Better Work) – RuPaul

There’s a lot being said about the UK’s drag scene these days and a lot of it seems to be coming back to the opinions of RuPaul. I don’t know if I’m super late to this or what –  I thought that RuPaul was a scenester / TV personality – it seems he is a lot more than that. Exhibit #1 this track from 1993. It’s a camp, glittery, disco anthem.

Wondering which dance move to trot out? Check out this video from Peach’s Boiler Room Manchester set. She’s launched all the levels. Skip to 0:45 for a some tip-top vogue-ing action.

Say My Name – Cyril Hahn

It’s 2012. To make a successful dance track:

  1. Take your favourite R&B banger
  2. Pitch down a vocal sample so that it is just about recognisable
  3. Put it up on Youtube with a photo of a sexy lady (I’m looking at you Majestic Casual) and watch the hits roll in

It might be a formula, but the man from Bern Cyril Hahn kind of nails it with this Destiny’s Child remix. Simple, but deep and effective – I can’t help but love this one.


Lucky reader, I have 3 of the highest quality house tracks going for you today – all courtesy of KiNK. Strahil Velchev is the face of the Bulgarian electronic music scene. In my mind he is almost uniquely talented in taking massive, experimental steps in his production and yet still making music that is super listenable. No, I want to go further than that – he makes unfamiliar music that reaches out and grabs you, lifts you onto its shoulders and takes you on a wild beautiful ride. That’s what I hear anyway – let me know what you think.

First up Pocket Piano.

And now Dusky’s remix of Perth, followed by a KiNK remix of Jimpster.

Casino Times

Two utterly colossal tracks today from UK duo Casino Times. Both released in 2012, they are slow-building house numbers – based on yearning vocals, shimmering synths and (eventually) a warm thudding bassline.

First up, I Wanna Know.

Secondly, That’s The Truth. A beautiful re-imagining of De La Soul’s All Good. A huge shout out to James Prescott for the recommendation and playing it outside my room at all hours of the night.

Air Valley – James Welsh

Some super glidey electronic from Yorkshire producer James Welsh. This was his breakout EP on Losing Suki from 2012 – it feels fresh and smooth in a way not many artists manage.

My highlight is Talk, where the bass takes a backseat to a simple soulful sample (Baby I’m For Real by Motown group, The Originals). Top marks.

Bonus track: since this EP James has released music on a pretty A-list set of electronic labels (WOLF, Hypercolour, Futureboogie) but he has moved towards a stripped-back darker style that I think loses some of the charm of his earlier work. Having said that, I am a fan of this Lancelot-y number. Enjoy