Drive Me Crazy (Dope Mix) – dan Mela & Lady Blacktronica

Now this is a huge old track for me. Incredibly tasty piano chords, stunning deepness. At risk of sounding like a prick, I think the second drop (at 2:45) is really fucking clever. It somehow feels original, creative and natural at the same time. Leon Vynehall would be proud.

If you like the track you are in luck: as well as the Dope Mix, the EP has a Vocal Mix, a Deep Mix and an Alex Israel Remix!

Fuse – Hudson Mohawke

I’m taking it back to 2009 (HudMo was just 23 at the time).

And you have just never heard a track like Fuse before. Butter, the album its taken from, is a pretty fidgety affair – quite hard to listen to – but boy does Fuse go off. Chuck it on next time you go to a magical elvish party to dance with some nymphs at dawn.

P.S. I only just noticed that on the cover the hawks have mohawks. Very clever. Perhaps.

Bells Creek Road – Jad & The

Today I’ve got some dreamy, floaty numbers coming at you from everyone’s favourite Australian-born, Berlin-based electronic music producer, Jad & The.

It’s a more circumspect, instrument-heavy release than what you would normally expect. And probably because of that, it’s fucking beautiful. His production skills come to the fore as spiralling trumpets and flowing pianos abound. Reminiscent of Rhythm Section or Laurence Guy, which ain’t no bad thing.

Tough to pick a favourite, but Matano Trumpet Jam and Bells Creek Road just about stand out from the crowd. Enjoy.

Fun fact: he used to be called Jad & The Ladyboy: went through a rebrand a dropped the last bit. Probably wise.