You Can Win – Bileo

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In 1979 the stars aligned and Bill Williams, Bobby Love, Joe Fornis, Horn Arr and Maceo Jackson joined together to form Bileo, producing this absolute gem of a track. Originally released in 1979, this wonderful, massive, feel good, up-tempo, disco-funk belter somehow existed under the radar for much of the next 30 years.

There’s some debate about who gets the lion’s share of the credit for dragging this song out of the shadows and into a DJ set near you. Floating Points and Four Tet dropping it at the closing of Plastic People in 2015, MCDE during his instant classic 2014 Dekmantel set. All I know is, I’m glad it’s in my life.

This guest post was written by Alex Lloyd-Owen. If you want to contribute, hit me up!

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