Melt Away – Jadu Heart


Jadu Heart’s first full length album is excellent. The masked duo are growing with every release – tightening their grip on their screwed-up electro-pop style, and casting a spell over the listener. The interplay between their voices (his rough and raw, hers sweet and tender) is perfectly measured; and the switches between moody and playful are perfectly executed. Even the album’s more straightforward rougher edges serve to increase its charm.

You can probably tell I like it. And it I like it more each time I put it on. Oh and boy you should see them live.

Most of the tracks have already been released so it might feel quite familiar. My star picks are Wanderlife and Harry Brompton’s Ice Tea, but in truth I could list half of the tracks on there.

More of my thoughts on Jadu Heart here.

The Cure – Jadu Heart

Masked duo Jadu Heart are back releasing music with a new EP, The Gloom That Looms. It’s their first release since they entered the scene with their awesome EP Wanderflower on Mura Masa’s Anchor Point records. In The Cure they capture their original catchy screwed-up electro-poppy style – if a little less raw than their previous outing. I’m a bit disappointed by the other track on the release tbh, but hey, can’t win ’em all.

Watching them live last year, the gig had that exciting kind of energy you get when you are watching a band ‘before they’re big’. They are playing another date in London at OMEARA on 21st November. Tickets on sale now. (By they way, they make you feel real old)