Ibrik – Bonobo

Today is a big day. Bonobo has released his first track since Migration in 2017. Ibrik picks up where Migration left us. It is characteristically wandering and delicate, with Middle-Eastern inspired percussion and brass weaving in and out. Picture perfect.

In case you need a reminder of why Bonobo is one of the best producers of our lifetime (whoah, he went there) here is North Borders – released in 2013. It is just one album from incredibly rich and deep discography. Explore and enjoy. And if you ever get the chance to catch him live, don’t miss it.

Emergence – Max Cooper

If you like your electronica to take you on a journey – and you like it equal parts trance-inducing and crunchy, then you should get to know Max Cooper.

The Northern Irish DJ is renowned for his blending his music with mind-bending visuals (helped by a PhD in computational biology) to create an incredible live experience. You can see a more stripped-back version for yourself when he delivers a super-long set on 16th March in London’s new-ish 24 hour club Fold (our city’s answer to Berghain blah blah). I have two tickets going at face value: if anyone is interested HMU.

Mother Protect (Goldroom Remix) – Niki & The Dove

Last week I posted The Magician Remix of I Follow RiversFor me, there’s one other track that hits that upbeat electronica vibe so perfectly, and it’s this. Again it is the vocals of a Swedish producer being lifted by feel-good keys. Ah, 2011.

Sing it with me: “Oh my heart is like an eagle, I love to fall from the sky / It’s so beautiful, I see right through the water’s edge / And I love your hands, I let them lead me into the cage / So tender, but your body was warm, so frail / But your eyes like mine / The colour of ice



The Chemical Brothers

Here in Harry’s head we’re building up to the weekend. Three bona fide pure gold bangers from electro royalty coming right up. Also, it says something about how deep the discography is for these guys that none of these tracks appears in their top 10. You can go for hours on the Chem Bros.

First up Swoon. Never have sirens sounded so bloody good. And just you wait until you get to 2 minutes in. Phwoar.

To follow, a touch of Saturate.

And finally, the Shinichi Osawa remix of Star Guitar. Enjoy responsibly.

Happy House – The Juan Maclean

I don’t know how The Juan Maclean have passed me by. They were brought to me hard on Saturday by Sean Johnston & Andrew Weatherall (together, A Love From Outer Space – more on that later) and since then I’ve been hooked.

The Juan Maclean (by the way, he is actually called John Maclean, which I like) is a Brooklyn-based producer and DJ, and he’s good. Add the super-cool Nancy Whang’s vocals (of LCD Soundsystem fame) and you are onto a 12 minute clubby electro winner. If you like it, check out the album The Future Will Come for more of the same. And if you are lucky enough to live in Brooklyn, go see them live.

So, Saturday. It’s 4am, the music is loud, the energy is flying and this comes on. For those of a darker persuasion. (Not too proud to admit this one is courtesy of Shazam).