Open Your Head EP – Jackson Almond

Jackson Almond describes himself as a Northerner. He releases his tracks on WotNot Music. The rest you’ll have to do yourself.

Anyway, Open Your Head is a tasty EP. Smooth house with some obvious afro influences. My two picks are Common (Dauwd-y fare with some crashing piano drops and tasty Romare-y samples) and Ee Ye.

Bonus track: for you, my loyal reader, you get another taste – on this number Frits Wentink meets Laurence Guy. Not a bad matching if you ask me

The Hype – Cookie Jar


There’s nothing like a split-second silence to focus the mind. A crushing, perfectly placed blank is a technique common to classical composers, yet woefully under-used in electronic music. Having recently gone ‘agile’ at work, I’m not disciplined enough to keep my nose out of other people’s business. It’s fun but not productive. At all. This tune has been on repeat as deadlines loom and it’s proving pretty effective.

Amy Richards, EDM expert


You know how every once in a while you come across a track that is just so good, so perfect in that moment, that you have it on repeat for as long as it takes for it to feel like you’ve known it all along? I’ve had that here. This EP is CCFX’s only. They are a combo between two Washington based bands: synth pop duo CC Dust and post-punk group Trans FX. Hence CCFX, y’see. Anyway, The One to Wait is dream-pop at its absolute finest. Goosebumps.