Sacrifice – Simian Mobile Disco & Bicep

Find the best speakers you can and turn this one up loud. Do it right and this track will demand your full attention. SMD & Bicep recorded it during a joint jam session, direct onto analogue tape, and you need to hear it properly. So yeah, loud – I’m not joking.

If you’re liking these deep sounds then check out this playlist I put together. A bunch of house tracks full of thick noises to smother yourself in.

Murmurations – Simian Mobile Disco

Every Sunday I am going to bring you something a little more downtempo to ease you back into the world.

Everyone has heard of Simian Mobile Disco. But no-one has heard Simian Mobile Disco sound like this. They have collaborated with all-female vocalist group Deep Throat Choir to put together this eerie, magical album. Sometimes soothing, sometimes unnerving, it is adventurous, super original and a really rewarding listen.

In particular, watch out for Caught in a Wave and Defender – the two highlights.