Bodily Functions – Herbert

When Matthew Herbert wants to do something weird, he becomes Herbert. And boy does he do it well.

Bodily Functions is his album from 2001. It’s all somewhere between jazz, electronica and house. It’s slinky. Highlights are It’s Only (made famous by DJ Koze) and my favourite, down at track 14, is The Audience.

And by the way, this guy does zero sampling and uses zero drum machines or synths. AND all of these tracks include samples of the human body. Crazy.

Bonus track: I Hadn’t Known (I Only Heard) and it’s only from 1998! It has just been re-issued and it sounds as fresh as you like.

Innervisions @ Royal Albert Hall

Tonight I’m headed to a pretty exciting event. For about 6 hours German Electronic music label Innervisions will be taking over one of the most famous homes of classical music in the UK for a live show. Details are pretty scarce, but with production support from LWE and a line-up including some of the label’s biggest names (and founders Dixon & Ame) it’s all set to be a pretty special gig. Last time I checked there were a few tickets available too.

A handful of my favourite tracks from people on the line-up:

Huge uplifting Afro-house from Henrik Schwarz (I could have picked any number of his jams though tbh)


An Emotional, goosebumpy house remix from Matthew Herbert


Finally, Howling & Ame combining for some more heart-string tugging house back from 2012