Be With U – Fort Romeau

Fort Romeau has been releasing original, powerful house tracks for a while now. His new release Be With U is a lush, deep kind of track that can cope with a lot of listens. It will get less attention than his other work since it is more reflective than it is danceable, but I think it is a real gem.

The track itself has three phases. The synth pads and piano kick in around half-way, and then three quarters through you enter a beautiful brass section to see out the track as the drums fade out. The sparseness of it all and the lengthy, spacious builds make the pay-offs extra sweet.

Bonus tracks: here is my post on my all-time favourite Fort Romeau track, Secrets & Lies (featuring a sample from Dirty Dancing no less!)

And finally, here is another cracker, Dweller on the Threshold. Enjoy.

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