Tread – Ross From Friends

Ross From Friends is back with his second album. As you would expect it is slickly produced, and in his trademark dusty lo-fi style; a style that gives the impression that you are over-hearing the music, as opposed to listening to it. Or that is is from a a different era somehow.

Anyway, as an album it bubbles away nicely without ever really taking off. Each track has an interesting idea at its core, but never enough to grab you by the collar and give you a good shake. The closest are Love Divide and Life In A Mind that both threaten to go big, with some strong 90s club influences – but even they turn out to be a bit of a tease.

I don’t want to sound too neggy, because overall it is a decent listen (almost reminiscent of Aphex Twin at points), but I am finding it hard to get too excited about it. What do you think?

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