Time For Us – Nicolas Jaar

I could have posted any number of Nico Jaar tracks but this single from 2010 on Wolf + Lamb takes the biscuit. He specialises in slightly unsettling, deep electronica with long builds and deep drops – and this has to be the best example: Time For Us drops at 75 BPM. 75 BPM! Now that’s some slow house. Feel it soak your bones. Mi Mujer is a bit more upbeat and exotic to boot – influenced by his Chilean roots. Get your Latin hat on and groove out.

Bonus track: there has to be a bonus track with Nico doesn’t there. Make no mistake, the man has a deep discography for someone born in the 90s. This is the album Nymphs from 2016 – the first two tracks in particular are subtly, and heartbreakingly beautiful.

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