Jungle Boogie – Kool And The Gang

I’m growing a moustache to raise money for the Movember Foundation. So this month I will be honouring some of the best moustaches in music. You can donate to my mo here: https://mobro.co/harry-mo

This is a monster hit from Kool And The Gang from 1973. You know the one. A Tarzan yell, grunting and shuffling. Some earthy funk. You can hear the literally hear the shapes you need to make.

For a ‘tash you have to go one degree of separation with me. Jungle Boogie was featured on the closing credits of Pulp Fiction (alongside Dick Dale’s Miserlou). Samuel L Jackson has a moustache in the film. Hey, it’s late in November and I’m struggling.

Bonus track: that Dick Dale monster (ripped up by Black Eyed Peas)

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