DISCWOMAN 55 x Peach

Today’s post is a direct rip from Resident Advisor’s Top 100 mixes of the year article. Lazy much? Anyway, it’s sick, and the description is good, and I thought, ‘why try beat it?’ You can find it here. I’m new to Peach, and I like.

“”I don’t think I’ve been ever very good at the chill thing,” Peach admitted when her Discwoman mix was published in October. No matter: her sets happily exist in a space well outside the chill zone. DISCWOMAN 55 was as bright as it was tough, with dreamy breakbeats, 135 BPM rave, the odd dollar-bin oldie and loads of great new music. This was Peach doing what she does best.”

If you like what you hear, Peach is playing a few dates around the UK over the next couple of months.