The BDP Tape Vol.1 – Harrison BDP

Look, what more can I say about this guy. Harrison BDP, the master of the organic-infused bassy roller, has put another EP out and it’s top.

Okay, so I will say this: imagine you are an octopus. Imagine you are going to a little underwater cave party. And because you are underwater, you don’t just hear the music, you feel the music. And because you are an octopus you have 8 limbs, and each limb is covered with sensitive little suckers, you really feel the music. Well, if you’re that octopus, the track you want to hear/feel is Missed the Boat. Proper thudding undersea tune that.

More Harrison BDP here.

Harrison BDP

Most killing-it artist of 2018 so far? Harrison BDP has to be up there. He’s released 5 EPs on 4 labels with about 20 top quality house tracks. The Welshman is Pro. Lific. Expect to hear his name more and more.

Here are some of my top picks – a lot of them are reminiscent of another of my favourite Welsh-raised artists, Dauwd. Occasionally ambient, occasionally bold, always fresh.

The second two tracks on this EP are huge collabs with Garth James

Contact Light, and It’s All Just Sound are the picks from this EP

The title track on this EP is glorious.

Finally, his breakout hit from 2016, Small Talk.