Love Beyond the Intersect – Space Dimension Controller

As you will know if you are familiar with his work, Space Dimension Controller doesn’t just release albums, he releases chapters of an interstellar story. Love Beyond the Intersect is the latest instalment of Mr. 8040 journey across space and time. This one is a story of love. Expect more squelching synths and cosmic vocals – and actually some really beautiful arrangements.

So, the plot in 120 words or less: Mr. 8040 has crash landed on a strange planet. His ship is screwed, he is on the verge of death. He is awoken by a native woman. She gives him some of her life-force. They go on a journey (including to The Reflective Forest; a psychoactive environment that causes hallucinations and almost makes Mr. 8040 break down (the native woman saves him again). They make it back to his ship, he sees a past version of himself, he knows he has to let go of all that came before the crash, both good and bad. In a sudden burst of light, Mr. 8040 and his past version become one. Mr. 8040 and the woman leave the planet on a new adventure.

Phew. Good luck out there Mr. 8040 xx

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