Against The Clock – FACTmagazine

Against the Clock is great little feature run by FACTmagazine. The premise is that they give artists 10 minutes to make a track and film it. What you get is a wicked insight into their creative process – most of the time the artists are able to make a track that has their signature sound. Unpolished, but fresh. Two my faves below – but check out the Youtube playlist for some more festive viewing. There are 193 of them so find an artist you like and go from there.

Agar Agar (another post about them here)

Tom Demac (another post about him here)

Cuidado, Peligro, Eclipse – Agar Agar

mmm… chuck some ominous, siren-like vocals over a cheeky LCD-style synthy bassline and you have yourself a sexy, brooding, sweltering number that’ll fire you through a Tuesday. Or any day for that matter. Enjoy.

Like what you hear? You can catch the French duo live at the Village Underground in late October. It’s a steal at just over a tenner. Their track Prettiest Virgin from the same album is another beaut.

P.S. This is how the duo describe their artistic influences: “Clara comes from a family of apes so her influence is pretty varied, like trees, bananas, dried fruit, and Armand quite likes paintings but not their frames.” Genius.